Get your business in front of block communities

BlockMedia can help your business

Want to advertise your services to communities on a national, regional or local? BlockMedia can put your business in front of the right people.

BlockMedia works closely with block communities (apartment and flats) throughout the UK. We can place your advertising directly on their community websites.

Our great value advertising opportunities can put your business in front of very specific communities. Perhaps your business targets high net worth clients in London or your organisation needs specific advertising in a local area? BlockMedia can help.

What are the benefits?

Advertise with BlockMedia

Direct advertising to block communities throughout the UK

Advertise with BlockMedia

The opportunity to send offers/promotions to any local or regional area of your choosing

Advertise with BlockMedia

Be the first port of call for block communities in need of a property service

Advertise with BlockMedia

Access to prestigious, large block communities

Delivering engaged audiences in their own homes. Our advertising opportunities targets your potential clients efficiently and effectively.

What next?

Call BlockMedia on 03330 306 060 to discuss the opportunities available to your business. A dedicated account manager will handle your enquiry and give you a range of options for targeting your potential clients.

Whether you’re a local tradesmen looking to target a specific apartment block or a national cinema chain looking to promote to a range of communities we will have options for your business.

Access a diverse audience in their own homes without the significant expense of TV or radio advertising.


  • A local theatre with excess capacity this evening could message one of our block communities in their area with a ticket promotion
  • A local plumber could advertise their services on all the blocks in their area
  • An insurance company could take a national advertising position on all of our sites
  • A restaurant could run a local promotion to encourage trade on their quieter evenings

Call 0333 0 30 60 60 to discuss our advertising opportunities for your business